5 Wedding Photography Posing Tips Every Couple Needs

by Alixandra Gould in

Let's face it, most of us aren't actors or models, and being in front of the camera can be mega-weird. Any photographer worth their weight will guide you through lots of poses on the big day, but there are a few things you can keep in mind just to make extra sure you're looking your best. 

Wedding Photo Posing Tips

1. Get close

You guys are marrying each other!! Don't be afraid to get cozy. If there's a big gap in between you, it ruins the lovely intimacy of the images. No one has cooties, I promise. 

Couple's posing tips
Bride posing tip

2. Bend the knee

Ladies, be like Jon Snow and bend the knee! Game of Thrones reference. . . .anyone?

Standing completely straight makes you look stiff. Bending one knee makes your hips sway to one side, giving you a really beautiful hourglass silhouette, softening the pose.



Kissing tips

3. Kiss beautifully

There are endless kissing styles out there, but by far the most un-photogenic is the pucker. You know what I mean, the "round mouth", "pursed lips", "way you'd kiss your grandma" kinda kiss. 

You should approach every kiss as if you're about to whisper a funny secret to your loved one. Your lips are slightly open and soft, and you have a bit of a smile. Only when you actually make contact should you make a forward movement with them. 

If you're not sure how you kiss, either review your engagement photos, or take a selfie as you smootch. Adjust if need be. 


4. Two hands in your pockets

Gentlemen, if you feel awkward with your arms just hanging by your side, stick them in the pockets of your pants. It broadens your shoulders a bit, and makes you look pretty cool. Like, James Dean kinda cool. 


5. Master the fake laugh

I know, I know, it sounds super lame. But the whole reason we photographers get you to fake laugh is because you feel so ridiculous that eventually you break out into genuine, beautiful laughter all around. 

Laughing bridal party