Engagement Photography on Toronto Island

by Alixandra Gould

Engagement photography is one of my very favourite things to shoot. I get to work with wonderful couples and we get to be really creative! I love being able to collaborate, listen to their ideas, offer my own, and work hard to have it turn into a beautiful final product. 

Jon and Shannon came to me with some great ideas, and a lot of flexibility to. They really wanted a fun, bright shoot with a splash of colour (we'll get to that part). Together we decided to go out to Ward's Island where we could have a variety of scenes. The beach, the woods (somebody's random clothes line) and the cityscape all played huge parts in this shoot. 

We began at about 6pm while the sun was still bright, and made use of the fading, soft light. Jon and Shannon were amazing subjects, and brought genuine emotions and real expressions to the shoot. When the evening turned to dusk, that's when the fun really started! After we captured some nice, beautiful photos, things started to get a bit crazy. We got such a wide variety of images during this session. Scroll down to see!

I hope Shannon's back to being a true blonde by now.