5 Ways to Make Your Subjects More Comfortable | Wedding Photography Tips

by Alixandra Gould in

Creating an environment where your clients feel at ease is crucial to creating wedding images that they will love. But let's be honest, it can be seriously challenging sometimes.

Every once and a while you get a couple that instantaneously goes into Kate Moss mode, but 95% of the time, our clients are just regular people who need a bit of help getting used to having their photo taken. 

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Here are a few quick tips on how to make your subject feel, and look, their best in front of the camera.

1. Ease them into it

If you go straight for that big dramatic dip while staring deeply into each other's eyes pose, you might not get the result you're going for, at least not right away. Most people are used to just staring at the camera and smiling, and even though that may not jive with your candid style, it's a good place to start to make them feel at ease. Then you can move on to the other stuff. 

2. Keep talking

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This is definitely not a problem for me. But if you're more of a quiet photographer, do everything you can to banter back and forth. There's nothing worse than silence for creating an awkward moment. If you keep the chatter going, they may even forget you're taking pictures all together.

If you can crack a good joke, that helps too.  

3. Adjust to their comfort level

Some couples are willing to go to more adventurous, intimate, or creative places than others. Get a sense early on what their comfort zone is. You can push them a little bit, but going too far will make the images look forced and flat. 

4. Praise!

Keep telling them they look great, always. Because they do. 

You can even stop at some point and show them a particularly great shot on the back of your camera. 

5. A hug never hurts

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Sometimes, when I find a couple is looking a bit stiff and are finding posing difficult, I get them just to hug each other. Everyone knows how to hug. It breaks them out of the "is this where I should put my hand?" kind of mentality and allows them to become very present in the moment. Not only is it a beautiful photo itself, but it can loosen them up for the rest of the shoot. 


Do an engagement session. There's nothing like practice to get used to something.