Waterfall in Love - Engagement Photography

by Alixandra Gould

Early Monday morning I made my way on the QEW out to Dundas, Ontario to take engagement photos for this lovely couple, Shileen and Mark. 

Their wedding is taking place next winter in one of the most beautiful and sought after locations on the planet, the Banff Springs Hotel! They really wanted engagement photos that fit the wintery, mountainous, woodsy theme, and looks like we got in just under the spring wire! The Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton area is blessed with gorgeous waterfalls and wilderness, and lucky for us, the tree cover seemed to preserve a lot of the ice and snow. 

Okay, so it's no Banff, but close enough! It just goes to show how putting a bit of extra thought and effort into your photo location can really pay off. 

Mark and Shileen were so great to work with, and so cute together. This bride-to-be is clearly a natural in front of the camera (the groom ain't too shabby either). And special thanks go out to Mark for letting me hold on to him so I didn't slip on the ice. Seeing my camera go flying into a waterfall would not have been a welcomed development. 

These are just a select few from the shoot. I'm really happy with how they turned out!