Five Things To Do with a Fussy Newborn During their Photography Session

by Alixandra Gould

So you've done your research and booked a Toronto photographer, paid the deposit, bought a few extra super cute newborn hats, and put even more baby lotion on to make sure that skin is extra smooth, all in preparation for that 'oh so important' newborn photoshoot that you only have a very small window to pull off.

Finally, the big day is here! And your little one just isn't having any of it. Crying, fussiness, wailing. It seems that the worst is happening. 


I've done countless newborn photography sessions where the wee one just isn't happy. Sometimes you get those angel babies who do nothing but sleep and look bright eyed at the camera, but way more often than not, newborns present some challenges.

So, as a parent, what do you do?

1. Don't freak out!

You're not the first client with a cranky baby! Your photographer is used to this. There's no need to feel badly, embarrassed, or like you're wasting your photographer's time.

2. Be patient.

Sometimes, all the little one needs is time. He or she may wail for the first hour and a half of the appointment, and then fall fast asleep for the last half hour, which is often all you need! There's a reason why newborn appointments are so long. 

3. Adjust your vision.

Okay, so you may not be able to get that perfect shot in the basket with their hands and feet folded just so, but, you may get a wonderful shot wrapped up in Daddy's arms. 

4. Take a time out.

Breastfeed, change diapers, cuddle, do whatever you need to do! There's lots of time, and a little TLC may turn everything around. 

5. Stay positive!

Even in the worst of circumstances, you should always be able to get a few great shots.