Puppy Love

by Alixandra Gould

Yesterday I was invited to Della Bitove's truly spectacular condo in Yorkville to take some shots of her family's best friend, Peanut. 

This loveable K9 is no spring puppy. But at 14 years old, Peanut is still full of energy! Della, her husband and their three children adopted Peanut as a rescue dog when she was just a pup, back when the family lived in Ireland. After living in the country with tons of land to run around on, transitioning to condo life when everyone moved back to Toronto was a bit of an adjustment for Peanut, but now she seems right at home high atop Bloor Street.

Being around a dog as special as this one only makes me want to get one of my own even more. And it just reinforces my belief that adopting pets is absolutely the best way to go.

Thanks Della and Peanut!