The Perfect Day - Toronto Wedding Photography

by Alixandra Gould

It was a beautiful winter's day, not too cold but just brisk enough, sun shining, and nothing but love in the air. Nadine and Shant were the last couple of 2013 that I photographed, and the year ended with a bang!

First, huge thanks need to go out to the entire wedding party who were awesome when participating in some creative photo ideas and indulging a few of my seemingly strange requests. I hope you guys now can see what I was getting at when I asked you to bust out the cigars or cheer the smooching couple on. You were all a blast to work with!

Then there were your loving families who welcomed me into their homes and made sure to be part of a few beautiful shots themselves. Thanks again for the sandwiches! I know you wouldn't have let me leave without taking a couple.  

And of course, the bride and groom were so lovely to work with. I loved that you treated your wedding photography as an opportunity to have fun as well as create memories. That's the way it should be! And it didn't hurt that we got perhaps the most beautiful sunset of the year that we could just barely see from Bob Rumball Manor, but it dazzled the scene with some unreal colours. 

The Toscana Banquet Hall at the Hilton in Vaughan was the perfect setting for the reception. 

The warmest of wishes to you both!