Beauty/Fashion Shoot, and Reunion!

by Alixandra Gould

Things are great here in NYC! Taking a some head shots, eating some great food, relaxing--good times. But since I haven't gotten around to editing the photos I've taken here yet, I'll share some from last week.

My amazing and talented make-up and hair gal Jen Fisher and I collaborated on a creative shoot last Sunday at Siren Rock Studios. We decided on two awesome but very different looks, and Jen called up an old friend to model. Turns out the model was Lauren Pietrowski, my fellow Riverdale C.I. alum! I basically hadn't seen her since high school, and it was wonderful to catch up. Not only is Lauren a great model, but she's incredibly sweet too. As Jen was meticulously creating her beauty masterpieces, Lauren and I reminisced about old times, and caught up on the past several years. Sorry Jen, it was probably really boring for you. 

For the first look we braved the cold (okay, it wasn't THAT cold) and went outside into the natural light. The snow was a great natural reflector. And for the second we headed into the studio, set up a grey background, a soft box and an umbrella, and shot away. I couldn't believe the awesomeness that was appearing on the back of my camera.

Working with two such talented ladies was so much fun!