About Alixandra Gould

Alixandra Gould

I see the world through my camera, even when it’s not with me.

My goal is to create honest, beautiful imagery. 

I’ll open the fridge ten times in an hour when I'm hungry, kinda hoping something new and delicious will magically appear.

Snuggling up with my man, a glass of wine, and my favourite show is the best way to spend a Friday night. 

I have yet to find a pair of high heels that don’t hurt my feet.

I’m my own biggest cheerleader, and harshest critic, depending on the day.

Toronto is my home, and where my heart is. But I'm always up for an excuse to use my passport. 


I'm forever and always in awe of love's raw, authentic, beautiful power.

My path to photography was certainly not a direct one. After finishing my degree in political science at the University of Toronto, I dabbled in a number of different careers; journalism, fitness instructor, web editor, you name it. After travelling a bunch, I found myself in New York City where I was re-introduced to my passion for photography, shooting headshots for actors and performers. I had forgotten how great it was to be behind the camera. 

Upon returning to my hometown Toronto, I combined my passion for photography with my life-long desire to start a business, and founded Alixandra Gould Photography in 2011. 

Quickly, I self-taught my way from semi-professional to professional. I started doing mostly portraits, then transitioned to weddings and commercial work. Now, I get to spend my days (and often nights) doing something that continues to challenge and inspire me. I've build AGP into something I'm really proud of.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me curled up on my couch with my man binge watching one of our fave shows, playing ultimate frisbee, at yoga class, or undoing all of my hard workouts at one of Toronto's most delicious restaurants. Achieving a good work/life balance is at the core of my professional and personal philosophy. 

And I really love my job.